Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Moving House

It has been a time of big change here behind the desk, and I have done this many times in my life but moving house is never easy.  I have been using every spare hour packing my tiny studio which has over the years slowly filled to the ceiling with all my treasures.  Despite the fact that my daily packing has taken me away from my precious creative time and my blog, it has been a very fulfilling experience.  I will admit that very little has been thrown out but the feeling of being completely organised has been such a big reward. Looking through every piece of  fabric, trim, button collection, and thousands of beads has inspired me with so many new ideas, which have been jotted down in my journal.  I am looking forward to moving to our new home (with a bigger studio) and also opening a new website for lovelui in the new year 2013.

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