Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Dachshund Buttons

 dachshund buttons lovelui

 dachshund buttons 38mm lovelui

This project has been on the desk for quite a while.  It all started with a naive dachshund scribble that I drew on a scrap bit of paper years ago, funnily it just got shuffled around my desk and was never binned.  Eventually, the scribble made it's way onto my scanner and with a reasonable amount of tweaking in Photoshop I managed to create a pattern, printed it onto cotton and made it into a button, all from a simple scribble. I have a few variations of the dachshund print, but these buttons in neutral tones with white and grey backgrounds are what I have photographed and listed on lovelui. You can find them here  handmade dachshund buttons
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