Thursday, 3 April 2014

Budgie Charms Tutorial

This is a simple tutorial to show how to make the 12 budgie charms using the budgie charm kit which is available on lovelui.  
 budgie charm kit
 budgie charm kit
Once you have made up the budgie charms you need to prepare the settings.  Below are a few options showing different configurations for how you can bend the settings, depending on what you are planning to make.

Once the settings are bent you can glue the charms in place, and attach the jumprings.
 budgie charm kit
The DIY budgie charm kit which makes 12 charms measuring 19mm.  The Kit includes the printed panel, 12 metal settings (in your choice of silver, antique bronze or gold), 12 button blanks and jumprings.  You can find all the details here - DIY budgie charm kit.
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